Ett system så magnifikt att det bländar

There is such an enormous amount of energy and vitality in Amanda Svensson’s prose, an energy that is instantly recognisable from her previous books. There is not a single stale sentence, not a single dull repetition or artificial response. She seamlessly moves between the novel’s different moods and she can be insanely funny without losing any of the fundamental sincerity /… / With her wit and carefully composed plot Svensson has more in common with the Anglo-Saxon literary tradition, than the Swedish.

Ett system så magnifikt att det bländar

This is a classic family tale in a large format, which may recall both Thomas Mann and Zadie Smith, but it also has the intellectual mystery’s intricate and ambitious trait, a la Marisha Pessl or Donna Tartt. Svensson adds art and science, literature and politics into her brew, until she has achieved an entertaining bildungsroman that is far removed from the egocentric autofiction that is said to be dominating contemporary literature /… / Svensson carries out her almost perilously demanding literary project with a lightness that is impressive; she may be navigating an ocean vessel, but she does it as if she was surfing the waves.

Ett system så magnifikt att det bländar

I’m almost a bit giddy following a marathon reading session where I allowed the 540 pages to sweep over me, because A Magnificent System is, despite its size, a book that entices me to skip such trivialities as meals and toothbrushing. I want to be completely sure that I don’t miss anything /… / A Magnificent System is composed like a rich kind of symphony, with a diverse set of voices and places that together move from cacophony to harmony. This is a book that, to use the author’s own words, makes you feel alive.

Ett system så magnifikt att det bländar

… a verbose, kooky, surrealistic and simply wonderful novel with major existential questions.

Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant

Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant propagates, despite its title, for the imagination more than anything else. Exploring a "what if" as if everything was thinkable. The frenzy with which Amanda Svensson refuses to set limits for the possible is characteristic of her writing so far.

Välkommen till den här världen:

 A heady and delectable book which left me feeling genuinely sad… The ending has

a sublime self-evidence to it. The storytelling is skillful, leading to a moment of blissful triumph where everything springs to life and is crushed at the same time- all in one bittersweet chord.

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