Omslagsbild: Leenden

Date of release: 2020-09-16
Pages: 184
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Leenden /Smile

A Field Guide

Our smiles are an unmatched social lubricant. At the right time it can save an uncomfortable social situation, but a nasty grin can also be used as a well-aimed attack. Our smiles are nothing but an emotional commodity! Here is the indispensable field guide that introduces us to the plethora of ambiguous smiles and more importantly, how to recognise the real and the fake varities.

Göran Everdahl and Per Naroskin poses questions such as: Which of the face's 53 different muscles are needed to produce a smile? Why does nobody like a sycophant? Why are so many of us afraid of clowns? Why is it so difficult to smile on command? What is the point of dimples and how come a blissful smile is so scary?

Scientific facts are interspersed with cultural history and eye-openers which make it impossible not to smile. Join this exhilarating journey from old Etruscan statues to the devoutly smiling robots of the future.

Göran Everdahl, (b. 1964) is an author and columnist specializing in popular culture and film, regularly contributing in Swedish Public Service television and radio.

He is a panellist on the high-profiled show Spanarna, where every Friday night he scouts recent, current and upcoming trends; he is very much appreciated for his skill in spotting even tiny and quirky details in wider contexts. It was also on this show that he first mentioned "lagom" as the next word to trend after "hygge" and publishing successes such as Lars Mytting’s Norwegian Wood and Mari Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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Per Naroskin is a psychologist, psychotherapist and well-known Swedish radio personality. He has previously published books on popular science, as well as a novel. 

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