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  • Klä dig för framgång med Oscar Arrsjö

    by Oscar Arrsjö
    Oscar Arrsjö has been fashion expert for the last three years at TV:4's morning news with around 400.000 viewers and is often asked for advice in radio programs, magazines, newspapers and the internet, where he also runs his blog: Frontmen. Now he ha ...
    Published October 2017
  • Jag hatar att träna

    by Brita Zackari
    Brita Zackari is a TV personality in Sweden, fashion blogger for ELLE magazine and creator of the popular instagram account @i.hate.working.out that encourages couch potatoes to start working out without saying no to the finer things in life - someti ...
    Published September 2017
  • Prylbanta

    by Elisabeth Byström, Johan Ernfors
    Many express a growing feeling that much of what we believe are here to make us happy and fulfilled is rather standing in the way of a meaningful and joyful life. Despite privileged lifestyles emptiness and restlessness are common companions that equ ...
    Published September 2017
  • Mat, myt, vetenskap

    by Frida Duell
    'You become what you eat' is an old saying we know all too well. But how exactly is it and who is right and wrong in the health & food jungle? So many health enthusiasts claim to know the truth about life prolonging diets and write about it freel ...
    Published August 2017
  • Maten bakom resultaten

    by Linda Bakkman
    Training doesn't start the minute you walk into the gym or start the music for a long run. It starts hours before with the right meal. The same goes after you have trained, what you eat then has an enormous effect on the quality of the training just ...
    Published August 2017
  • Mammaboost!

    by Marita Karlson
    Mamma Boost is the book for all health aware mothers, an energy kick for the new come parents with recipes and inspiration to a greener and likely more joyful parenthood. The dishes are full of those superfoods needed after sleepless nights and rough ...
    Published August 2017
  • Barnens kockskola

    by Sara Begner
    Let the kitchen fun begin! This is the perfect cook book for any food curious child, who not only wishes to cook or make snacks for itself or the family but also wants to learn to put together a sufficient shopping list, as well as do the shopping, l ...
    Published August 2017
  • Bondens skafferi

    by Niklas Kämpargård
    Here comes the sequel to the popular and gorgeous Lev som en bonde / Live Like A Farmer that came out last year furthering the reader with tips to become more self-sufficient. For hundreds of years farmers have cooked with seasonal produce, refining, ...
    Published August 2017
  • Matsvampar i skog & mark

    by Bo Nylén
    This is the book to bring along in the basket when entering the forest for mushroom hunting for more than just chanterelles and Karl Johans / Boletus edulis as you will feel safe and well guided. 140 kinds of mushrooms / fungi are minutely described, ...
    Published May 2017
  • Beautyfood

    by Maria Ahlgren
    Can you really change your appearance, make your skin glow and improve your nails from what's on your plate? By using ordinary produce simply put a 'stop' towards wrinkles, whiteheads and grey hairs? Oh yes! Beauty and health editor Maria Ahlgren be ...
    Published May 2017
  • Gourmetvego

    by Jennie Benjaminsson
    Vegetarian food is popular as ever before and this book takes it all a step further, making it luxurious and special. Most vegetarian cook books focus on every day meals, easy to make and nourishing. To cook Jennie Benjaminsson it is the whole experi ...
    Published March 2017
  • Trädgårdslycka

    by Hannu Sarenström
    Opening this lovely book is like taking the first step through C.S. Lewis' wardrobe. A world of atmospheric wonder and colorful horizons opens up before you. Absolutely impossible not to be inspired despite how new or hardcore a gardener you are, so ...
    Published March 2017
  • New Nordic Kitchen

    by Margareta Schildt Landgren
    Nordic cooking has emerged as one of the most celebrated food trends in recent years. Nordic chefs have won numerous medals in Bocuse d’Or and Noma in Copenhagen has been voted the best restaurant in the world. This book is a celebration of the New ...
    Published September 2014
  • Det goda gröna

    by Karoline Jönsson
    This delightful cook book is going to hit the spot for many the conscious consumer. More than many have had enough of fast-food and generously pestified produce and are seeking to find alternative ways to combine busy days with good healthy food, ide ...
    Published February 2017
  • Duktighetsfällan

    by Aleksander Perski, Joanna Rose
    Many women suffer from stress related problems such as sleeping troubles, persistent tiredness, stomach issues, ongoing infections as well as depression. Just to mention the most usual symptoms. Leading associate Professor in stress, Aleksander Pers ...
    Published January 2017
  • Stora träningsboken för kvinnor

    by Lovisa Sandström, Jessica Almenäs
    There are numerous books on training aimed at men and focused on weight training. Exercise books for women have tended to be either celebrity driven or solely for the purpose of weight loss. As opposed to this, The Training Handbook for Women tak ...
    Published November 2016