• Prylbanta

    by Elisabeth Byström, Johan Ernfors
    Many express a growing feeling that much of what we believe are here to make us happy and fulfilled is rather standing in the way of a meaningful and joyful life. Despite privileged lifestyles emptiness and restlessness are common companions that equ ...
    Published September 2017
  • Trädgårdslycka

    by Hannu Sarenström
    Opening this lovely book is like taking the first step through C.S. Lewis' wardrobe. A world of atmospheric wonder and colorful horizons opens up before you. Absolutely impossible not to be inspired despite how new or hardcore a gardener you are, so ...
    Published March 2017
  • Självhushållning i praktiken

    by Maria Österåker
    Join Maria Österåker and her family at their small farm in Österbotten, Finland. Even in these northern parts of Europe it's possible to build a life around self-sufficiency. Follow the seasons when the family prepare the grounds, cultivate vegetable ...
    Published September 2015
  • Gör om hemma

    by Andrea Brodin Engsäll
    Time to spruce up your home? Tired of the same old look but don’t have any bright ideas or a limited budget? It is often said that our home is our castle, and many of us wish for a beautiful, functional home that reflects who we are. But maybe you ...
    Published March 2014
  • Rosen

    by Christina Högardh-Ihr, Lars-Åke Gustavsson
    As the queen of flowers, the rose has for centuries been one of our most beloved blossoms: sensuous, fragrant, mythical and symbolic. Our history and culture can be reflected in the way we view and portray the rose. Some roses are very easy to grow ...
    Published March 2014
  • 100 projekt för trädgården

    by Malena Skote
    For many, the garden is an oasis, a respite and a place of tranquility. But it’s also a place of creativity. In this new book by Malena Skote we are shown lots of projects that both beautify and enhance the garden. With 100 projects there is someth ...
    Published March 2014
  • Amaryllis - Älskad vinterblomma!

    by Susanna Rosén
    For many the Christmas flower par excellance is the amaryllis. In the dark and grey season we yearn for a spot of colour to brighten up a kitchen window or dinner table. Today we have a great variety to chose from - from the species that grow wild in ...
    Published September 2013
  • Urban vintage

    by Ida Magntorn
    Some cities have that special feeling; a style and an atmosphere that we all dream of and feel inspired by. Ida Magntorn has always been fascinated by life in the big cities and in this book she visits five of the world’s most famous and exciting pl ...
    Published August 2013
  • Trädgårdens vänner och fiender

    by Eva Fanqvist Skubla
    For many, the garden enemy number one is the Spanish slug, commonly known as the killer slug. In Garden Friends, Garden Foes we’re given handson advice by the gardening journalist and photographer Eva Fanqvist Skubla about how to combat this feroci ...
    Published March 2013
  • Trädgårdshandbok för lata

    by Dan Rosenholm
    Where do you want to spend most of your time in the garden – kneeling in front of a flowerbed or reading a good book in the hammock? There are ways to create a fabulous garden without too much hard work and endless rounds with the lawn mower. Dan R ...
    Published March 2013
  • Hur en trädgård blir till

    by Torsten Wallin
    When Petra and Sven Lindvall took over a traditional Swedish eighteenth-century cottage its large garden was completely overgrown. Today, ten years later, they have realized their dream garden, and guided by the landscape architect Torsten Wallin we ...
    Published March 2013
  • Låt det blomma!

    by Gunnar Kaj
    The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious international award to receive. In December every year these celebrated academics, scientists, authors and politicians gather for the Nobel Banquet, a gala dinner in Stockholm Town Hall. Gunnar Kaj is the man ...
    Published September 2012
  • Kryp

    by John Hallmén, Lars-Åke Janzon
    Around 80 per cent of all the world’s animals are insects. Yet we know relatively little about them, and we don’t usually look at them too closely, perhaps because they’re so small they’re easily missed. In John Hallmén’s photographs we experience th ...
    Published September 2012
  • Antikviteter i modern miljö

    by Karin Laserow, Britt Berg
    Incorporating antique furniture and art into a modern home may seem like a contradiction, but Karin Laserow and Britt Berg show just how easy it is and how stunning the results can be. Highlighting the rich traditions of Swedish furniture and other d ...
    Published August 2012
  • Chelsea Flower Show och berömda engelska trädgårdar

    by Agneta Ullenius
    In 2013, the Chelsea Flower Show in London will celebrate 100 years. It will surely be the most fabulous garden party ever! The Chelsea Flower Show is the biggest garden exhibition in the world and during five spring days every year more than 150,000 ...
    Published March 2012
  • Ulla Hasselmarks Fröbok

    by Ulla Hasselmark
    The perfect garden book for the autumn!The world is full of seeds; they gather together in drifts on the pavements, you see them flying in the wind, bobbing in the water. The Seed Book contains lots of practical advice and tips for those who want to ...
    Published March 2012