Hobby & Craft

  • Klä dig för framgång med Oscar Arrsjö

    by Oscar Arrsjö
    Oscar Arrsjö has been fashion expert for the last three years at TV:4's morning news with around 400.000 viewers and is often asked for advice in radio programs, magazines, newspapers and the internet, where he also runs his blog: Frontmen. Now he ha ...
    Published October 2017
  • Beautyfood

    by Maria Ahlgren
    Can you really change your appearance, make your skin glow and improve your nails from what's on your plate? By using ordinary produce simply put a 'stop' towards wrinkles, whiteheads and grey hairs? Oh yes! Beauty and health editor Maria Ahlgren be ...
    Published May 2017
  • Sten och betong i trädgården

    by Leif Qvist
    This is the essential handbook for all garden DIY enthusiasts. Experienced author Leif Quist describes with very clear step-by-step instructions how to enhance the garden with your own creations. A new patio? No problem! A beautiful bird bath? In a f ...
    Published March 2016
  • Färgstarkt!

    by Camilla Lundsten
    Plain and white is out – bright colours and bold patterns are in! Camilla Lundsten is one of Sweden's most famous designers and runs the international brand Littlephant. Her trademark style and patterns on fabrics, furniture, wallpaper and accessorie ...
    Published January 2016
  • Skapa med tyg

    by Malena Skote
    Get creative and bring those old shirts, curtains or duvet covers back to life. By tearing fabric into strips you can combine patterns, textures and colours to make something truly personal. This attractive and inspirational book contains 60 projects ...
    Published March 2015
  • Blommande rum

    by Gunnar Kaj
    Gunnar Kay is the decorator behind the lavish Nobel Prize banquets, when the ballrooms of Stockholm Town Hall are decked with the most luscious and extravagant flower arrangements fit to impress the most intelligent minds of the world. In his own hom ...
    Published March 2015
  • Gör om hemma

    by Andrea Brodin Engsäll
    Time to spruce up your home? Tired of the same old look but don’t have any bright ideas or a limited budget? It is often said that our home is our castle, and many of us wish for a beautiful, functional home that reflects who we are. But maybe you ...
    Published March 2014
  • Vintagefrisyrer

    by Emma Sundh, Sarah Wing
    Come along on a journey through time and learn about the best and cheapest party accessory – a beautiful hairstyle! Style your hair like the stars from the last century – it is easy when you know how. This book is packed with step-by-step instruction ...
    Published March 2014
  • 100 projekt för trädgården

    by Malena Skote
    For many, the garden is an oasis, a respite and a place of tranquility. But it’s also a place of creativity. In this new book by Malena Skote we are shown lots of projects that both beautify and enhance the garden. With 100 projects there is someth ...
    Published March 2014
  • Urban vintage

    by Ida Magntorn
    Some cities have that special feeling; a style and an atmosphere that we all dream of and feel inspired by. Ida Magntorn has always been fascinated by life in the big cities and in this book she visits five of the world’s most famous and exciting pl ...
    Published August 2013
  • Konsten att fotografera fåglar och andra djur

    by Brutus Östling
    Brutus Östling is a world-famous Swedish bird photographer and his stunning images have brought something completely new to nature photography. With eight bestselling photography books behind him, Brutus now shares the full range of his experience, p ...
    Published May 2013
  • Vintageparty

    by Emma Sundh, Louise Lemming, Linda Hansson
    Organise a party out of the ordinary! Vintage is modern, fun and stylish. Be inspired by gorgeous photos and create an atmosphere from days gone by. The book includes chapters on different themes, such as picnic, winter fun, boat party and harvest fe ...
    Published March 2013
  • Låt det blomma!

    by Gunnar Kaj
    The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious international award to receive. In December every year these celebrated academics, scientists, authors and politicians gather for the Nobel Banquet, a gala dinner in Stockholm Town Hall. Gunnar Kaj is the man ...
    Published September 2012
  • Antikviteter i modern miljö

    by Karin Laserow, Britt Berg
    Incorporating antique furniture and art into a modern home may seem like a contradiction, but Karin Laserow and Britt Berg show just how easy it is and how stunning the results can be. Highlighting the rich traditions of Swedish furniture and other d ...
    Published August 2012