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  • Stora träningsboken för kvinnor

    by Lovisa Sandström, Jessica Almenäs
    There are numerous books on training aimed at men and focused on weight training. Exercise books for women have tended to be either celebrity driven or solely for the purpose of weight loss. As opposed to this, The Training Handbook for Women tak ...
    Published November 2016
  • Fitnessrevolution

    by Robert Stasinski, Karl Dyall
    Crossfit – or functional training - is the new type of training sweeping the exercising world. It could even be called the new fitness revolution. Still there are only few dedicated gyms and they are extraordinarily expensive to join. Fortunately the ...
    Published August 2015
  • Lofsans mammaträning

    by Lovisa Sandström
    Giving birth and being pregnant are probably the most transformative experiences in a woman's life. Everything changes – life takes a new path and the body faces new challenges. Taking care of yourself as a mum and keep strong and healthy becomes mor ...
    Published July 2015
  • Stora löparboken för kvinnor

    by Lovisa Sandström, Jessica Almenäs
    Nothing beats stress and provides good exercise like running does. In this book celebrity PT Lovisa Sandström has teamed up with TV-personality and marathon runner Jessica Almenäs to provide a complete guide specifically aimed at women runners. Wheth ...
    Published February 2015
  • Den magiska milen

    by Maria Akraka
    Complete beginner or already an experienced runner? Either way, you want to improve your running and in this book you are guided by the Swedish athletics champion Maria Akraka towards the dream of running easily and effortlessly. Maria has devised t ...
    Published February 2014