Jac Sm Kee Awarded the 2016 Stieg Larsson Prize

The Stieg Larsson Prize 2016 goes to the Malaysian scholar and feminist activist Jac Sm Kee, for her struggle for women’s right to a free online environment, and for an open and equal information society based on the potential of the Internet.


Says the jury:
Jac Sm Kee is a pioneer in the fight for gender equality. Through her groundbreaking work for digital feminist mobilization and against online harassment, she paves the way for a new wave of feminism. Jac Sm Kee represents a movement that fights for equality with integrity, self-confidence and curiosity – in the Global South as well as the Global North.

About the winner
Jac Sm Kee is an internationally renowned feminist activist, writer and scholar from Malaysia. In a world of escalating online harassment, particularly directed towards women, Jac refreshes the conversation by arguing that the Internet can be a feminist platform with great potential to mobilize movements for change – a potential that feminists should utilize and develop.

Jac Sm Kee is one of the founders of the global, award-winning campaign Take Back The Tech. The purpose of the campaign is to combat digital gender violence by supporting and empowering women to take back control of their online presence. By supporting networks for women across the globe and by strategic online action, the campaign contributes to creating safe digital spaces, free from harassment. In doing so, Take Back The Tech creates the conditions for feminist mobilization and the realization of gender equality.

Jac Sm Kee leads the women’s rights program at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), which works to prevent online violence against women, encourages web-based gender research, and advances women’s technological skills and knowledge.

In addition to her work for APC, Jac Sm Kee is on the board of the Malaysian Centre for Independent Journalism, a nonprofit organization that defends freedom of speech and freedom of the media in Malaysia. She is also one of the founders of KRYSS, an organization that supports the reproductive rights of young people in Malaysia.

Award Ceremony
The Stieg Larsson Prize will be awarded on Monday 14 November at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in central Stockholm, in collaboration with Teskedsorden; a Swedish foundation that promotes diversity and tolerance.

About the Stieg Larsson Prize
Stieg Larsson, the author of the Millennium Trilogy, tirelessly fought against racism and misogyny, and for freedom of speech. A fight based on a simple idea: that everyone has the right to be themselves. In memory of Stieg Larsson, Norstedts along with Steig Larsson’s father and brother, have established an annual award of 200.000 Swedish crowns. The prize is awarded to individuals or organizations that work in the spirit of Stieg Larsson.

Jac Sm Kee Awarded the 2016 Stieg Larsson Prize

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