The PO Enquist Literary Prize 2016 to Lars Petter Sveen

The Per Olov Enquist Literary Prize 2016 is awarded the Norwegian author Lars Petter Sveen.

The jury’s citation reads: ”In his latest novel, Children of God, Lars Petter Sveen depicts – through a kaleidoscope of stories – mythical, historical and biblical parables which mirror their own time as much as our modern one, including our cultural heritage. Placed in the time of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, ending forty years after his death, it is a tale of evil in the world, with love as its focal point. Sveen’s novel is by all means a well-deserved break-through by an author who shows maturity, willfulness and courage.”

Lars Petter Sveen (born in 1981) is published by Aschehoug in Norway, and he made his literary breakthrough in 2014 with his novel Children of God.

The The Per Olov Enquist Literary Prize consists of 5000 Euros and is given to a Nordic author who according to the jury has great artistic value and the potential to reach an international audience but has not yet had his or her international break through. The jury consists of PO Enquist, Jakob Malling Lambert (Rosinante), Cathrine Bakke Bolin (Gyldendal) and Håkan Bravinger (Norstedts).

The prize ceremony will take place Friday September 23 at the Göteborg Book Fair.

Previous winners of the The PO Enquist Literary Prize:
2005 Juli Zeh
2006 Jonas Hassen Khemiri
2007 Trude Marstein
2008 Daniel Kehlmann
2009 Helle Helle
2010 Jonas T. Bengtsson
2011 Jón Kalman Stefánsson
2012 Mara Lee
2013 Ingvild H. Rishøi
2014 Dorthe Nors
2015 Karolina Ramqvist


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