August Prize to Johannes Anyuru

Johannes Anyuru's The Rabbit Yard (De kommer att drunkna i sina mödrars tårar) has been awarded the 2017 August Prize for Best Swedish Novel.

The August jury's motivation reads as follows:
"With an unconventional and fateful dramatic composition, Johannes Anyuru depicts the chain of events in a contemporary and future Sweden, where the tapestry of society collapses, leaving the field open for terror and repression to take over. With poetical slowdown, Anyuru shows the vulnerability of the individual in a world of shrinking life opportunities and urgently examines the effects of human actions.

The August Prize is Sweden's biggest and most important national literary award, given by the Swedish Publisher's Association, with prizes for excellence in fiction, non-fiction, and children's and youth literature. Johannes Anyuru was nominated for the same prize in 2009 for his collection of poetry The Cities Inside Hall and in 2012 for his novel A Storm Blew in from Paradise.

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Photographer: Khim Efraimsson

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