Jerry Harpur - Book Photographer of the Year

English garden photographer Jerry Harpur has been awarded the title of Book Photographer of the Year for his images in Ulf Nordfjell's book Fourteen Gardens.

Judges' comments:
All of the images in the winning entry were shot on film, and the judges felt that the resulting quality of the finished product, and the range of exposures that this medium allowed, shone through. They also liked the consistently good image composition, the attention to detail and good use of light.

Fourteen Gardens is a translation of Norstedts’ Swedish edition of 12 Gardens including Chelsea Flower Show A tribute to Linnaeus, for which Ulf Nordfjell received the gold medal, complemented with a new chapter describing Ulf’s Daily Telegraph Garden at Chelsea Flower Show, for which he was deserved the Best in show medal 2009! All illustrated of course by Jerry Harpur’s superb photographs.


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