The PO Enquist Literary Prize for 2010

The PO Enquist Literary Prize for 2010 has been awarded to the Danish author Jonas T. Bengtsson. In accordance with tradition, the prize is being presented at the Göteborg Book Fair on Thursday, 23 September.

“Jonas T.Bengtsson receives the P.O Enquist Prize for his novel Submarino, which is about two brothers in the lowest reaches of society. Bengtsson is awarded the prize for his sureness of style, his precision in the way he draws characters and describes settings, and for a rare degree of empathy which reveals a humanity on the edge of society and the reader’s own close relation to the outcasts.”
Jakob Malling Lamberg, Rosinante, Denmark

This prize for a young author reaching out into Europe, was established on the occasion of Enquist’s 70th birthday in 2005 by Norstedts, Bok & Bibliotek and Enquist’s foreign publishers.
The jury comprises PO Enquist, Eva Gedin (Norstedts), Janneken Øverland (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag) and Jakob Malling Lambert (Rosinante& CO). Previous prizewinners are Julie Zeh, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Trude Marstein och Daniel Kehlmann.

Any questions about the PO Enquist Literary Prize, should be addressed to Linda Altrov Berg,, +46 (0)705 65 22 70.

Foto: Robin Skjoldborg


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