Alexandra A. Ellis

A Successful Spring for Norstedts Agency

fredag 10 maj 2019

We are so proud and delighted that our authors have enjoyed such an amazing spring with excellent sales, wonderful reviews and many good rights deals!

Amanda Svensson's A Magnificent System has not only spent five weeks at the top of Dagens Nyheter's Critics List, but rights have also been sold to Btb/Luchterhand in Germany and most recently to Gyldendal in Norway following auction. Meanwhile, Christian Unge's Pass Through the Waters, Walk Through the Fire - the first instalment in the Tekla series - has had an amazing response here in Sweden, with 4.500 copies sold in hardcover and nearly 6.000 listenings on Storytel and translation rights sold to Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland, Finland, Estonia and the UK (World English rights). And last but not least, Nina Wähä's literary sensation Testament - a novel that has already been named as one of the best books of the year and sold around 7.000 copies in hardcover - has now been sold to a total number of seven territories: Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Estonia and Russia.



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