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Amanda Svensson's "A Magnificent System" sold to the UK

måndag 17 juni 2019

We are delighted to announce that Scribe has acquired World English rights to Amanda Svensson’s A Magnificent System – the critically acclaimed novel that has been compared to the works of writers such as Zadie Smith, Paul Auster and Marisha Pessl.

Philip Gwyn Jones, Scribe’s Publisher-at-Large, released the following statement: At first glance this appears to be just another windingly long Scandinavian novel, but within a few sentences the reader has the overwhelming, irresistible feeling that it is in fact special, daring, inventive, exhilarating, searching, life-enhancing, preposterous and fun in equal measure. The extended and brilliant sample English translation by Nicky Smalley makes it plain from the first sentence and scene that this is work of the highest, brightest, sparkiest order -- at least, it is exactly the kind of writing I live for, myself. It's a yarn, for sure, but at this level of yarning it's possible to weave in all manner of patterns and textures and colours which, it would seem, Svensson duly does with great dexterity and panache. I am in love with the spirit and style of this book, and think thousands of readers in English will join me in that. It’s hard to convey just how powerfully it has struck me, but perhaps you will have a sense of it if I tell you that reading it cheered me up so much I managed to forget the abysmal news trough that is the dire Tory coronation contest here in Brexitland. So, evidently, it will be a magnificent tonic for any system.

The English language edition will be published under its full original title A System so Magnificent it is Blinding approximately spring 2021.

Translation rights have previously been sold to Regina Kammerer at Luchterhand in Germany, following an exclusive submission, and to Cathrine Bakke Bolin at Gyldendal in Norway, following auction. Bakke Bolin describes the novel as an extraordinary literary achievement and an exquisite novel of epic dimensions, brilliantly told, beautifully rendered and with a profound insight into human psychology. 

Amanda Svensson made her sensational debut as a 20 year-old with novel Hey Dolly, which has been followed by a further three novels, most recently A Magnificent System. She currently resides in the English countryside where she works as a translator of Anglo-Saxon fiction into Swedish. Her translations include Ali Smith's "Autumn" and "Winter", Tessa Hadley's "The Past" and Kristen Roupenian’s “You Know You Want This”. 



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