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Johannes Anyuru's Novel Praised in the US

tisdag 19 november 2019

Earlier this month Johannes Anyuru's award-winning novel They Will Drown in Their Mothers' Tears was published in the US and the early buzz seems to have attracted the reviewers' attention. In the New York Times, Hari Kunzru calls it "a state of the nation" novel for a country that seems to be losing faith in the civic values for which it is internationally admired, while John Domini wrote the following in his Washington Post review: I came away thinking of the book as an attempt to forge a more humane means of expression, one that could surmount all our fears and failures. Meanwhile Harper's Magazine's Julian Lucas called the book an ingenously plotted work. 

The novel was awarded the August Prize in 2017 and translation rights have currently been sold to 14 territories. 



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