Göran Segeholm

Double Award Triumphs for Mirja Unge

tisdag 19 november 2019

It has been a very successful autumn for Mirja Unge who has received not one, but two prestigious literary awards for her works. First she was awarded the Aniara Prize for a consistent and distinctive authorship where young people's lives and experiences take centre stage. With a prose that is both relentless and compassionate Mirja Unge creates a dark and sinister universe where the small glimmers of hope still remain strong no matter what. 

Secondly, she was awarded the Eyvind Johnson Prize for her most recent novel I Live on Tomorrow (2018) with the following motivation: for a virtuous ability to use her pitch-black prose to portray a teenager's agonizing existence in the most brutal tier of the working class, but also how words and writing can spell an escape.



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