Amanda Svensson and Nina Wähä Both Shortlisted for Tidningen Vi's Literature Prize

fredag 28 februari 2020

After having racked up several prize nominations and wins over the past year, Amanda Svensson and Nina Wähä have now been announced as two of the three contestants for Tidningen Vi's Literature Prize - a prize dating back to 1947 and given annually to an emerging authorship. 

The jury nominates Amanda Svensson's A System so Magnificent it is Blinding for the following reasons: with a devoted passion for narration and a steadfast belief in the intrinsic value of fiction, Amanda Svensson portrays triplets Sebastian, Clara and Matilda. The story of their lives in different corners of the world evolves into a supreme literary work, which expands the reader's senses in the face of the possibilities of reality, just by being so unabashedly fictitious.

Meanwhile the motivation for Nina Wähä's Testament reads as follows: with huge confidence, skill and an effervescent zest for storytelling, Nina Wähä brings the life of the Toimis and their twelve children in the Torne Valley to the page in her third novel. Testament is a captivating, tender and complex story about heritage, class and love, which shows how difficult life can be, for each and everyone.

The winner will be revealed towards the end of March. Needless to say, we are crossing our fingers.




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