Norstedts Introduces the Autumn Books

fredag 28 augusti 2020

Last night Norstedts hosted a live digital presentation of a selection of the autumn books, featuring several of our titles and authors. Agneta Pleijel spoke about her new novel Double Portrait - a fictional account of when Agatha Christie met Oskar Kokoschka - while Stephan Mendel-Enk introduced the Jewish football team Maccabi - which plays a large part in his sophomore novel Monkey in the Middle. Tone Schunnesson gave us a peek into the world of Bibbs - the anti-heroine from her forthcoming novel Days and Days and Days - while Majgull Axelsson spoke about Cancelled Trip to Sabarmati - her first novel at Norstedts since 2008 - and Göran Everdahl and Per Naroskin promised us an entertaining yet enlightening reading experience in their new book Smile - a Field Guide

The full broadcast can be viewed here



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