Elin Anna Labba's "Sirdolaccat" Shortlisted to the August Prize

tisdag 20 oktober 2020

We are proud and excited to announce that Elin Anna Labba's critically acclaimed first book Sirdolaccat has been shortlisted to the August Prize for Best Non-Fiction Title with the following statement from the jury:

Elin Anna Labba describes reindeer hide as "so soft they make you feel as if your hand is going to melt when you stroke them." With the same quietly poetic power in her prose she brings attention to Sweden's forced deportations of the Northern S├ími, deportations which have divided ancient family ties, networks and migration routes. By also interspersing testimonies, photographs, maps, joiks and governmental documents she illuminates a dark chapter of Swedish history in this very beautifully designed book. 

Congratulations and good luck, Elin Anna!



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