Hanna Nordenhök Shortlisted for Vi's Literature Prize

tisdag 23 mars 2021

Not long after the announcement that Nordenhök's novel Caesaria had been shortlisted for Swedish Radio's Literature Prize, she has now been revealed as one of the three nominees for Vi's Literature Prize. 

The jury: "Hanna Nordenhök's novel Caesaria is a horrifying portrayal of a child's brutal vulnerability, the male abuse of power and the evolution of gynaechology during the 19th century. With her radiantly explicit and subdued prose she firmly guides the reader through the strictly restrained yet deeply affecting story about the girl Caesaria who grows up on the country estate Lilltuna, cruelly detached from the outside world."

The prize is awarded annually to an author whose book has been published during the past year and who can be described as up-and-coming. The winner will be announced on April 27. 



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