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Extraordinary Reviews for Karam's "The Singularity"

måndag 29 mars 2021

Three years after her critically acclaimed debut Event Horizon, Balsam Karam is once again in the spotlight with new novel The Singularity and yet again, the press appears smitten. This past weekend, the novel also entered Dagens Nyheter's prestigious Critics List, taking the #5 spot. 

Here is a selection of quotes. 

Dagens Nyheter: "Karam writes a prose that is sometimes musical, sometimes austere, sometimes light as a feather. It is lyrical, enigmatic and meticulously composed, but never bombastic or sentimental. Several times I must take a break from the reading that becomes overwhelming. Is Balsam Karam one of Sweden’s most talented, original and relevant rising stars of literature? I believe so. I hope that she never stops writing."

Aftonbladet: "Balsam Karam’s new novel is enormously powerful /… / To read The Singularity is like drinking directly from a flood of tears."

Arbetarbladet: "The resistance vibrates both inside and underneath the text. An irrepressible refusal to accept injustices. The Singularity is elegant – and explosive – prose."

Expressen: "The Singularity is a novel that appears to have been created from dark matter, elusive, giddying and with an enormous linguistic and narrative density."

Svenska Dagbladet: "The lyrical prose demands focused, slow reading. There is no room for impatience and negligence, every word is important, and the sentences are ingeniously composed with unexpected turns and with word orders that enforces presence. It is a distinctive prose – I cannot recall anyone else in contemporary Swedish literature who writes like Karam – with a remarkable beauty. This linguistic loveliness could very well conceal the horrors and injustices that she portrays, but with Karam it becomes the opposite: inexorably real."



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