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Wilderäng in Unique Nine-Book Option Deal for Film, Television and Gaming Rights

torsdag 17 juni 2021

Arvet Agency has optioned film, television and gaming rights to nine of Lars Wilderäng’s books, published by Norstedts and Massolit. Grace Maharaj, head of Arvet Agency, said that she immediately saw the IPs story franchise of the books as well as the strong potential to develop the stories in the interactive media space:

- Lars Wilderäng has the ability to write in a wide range of genres where he weaves themes such as security, finance, technology, sci-fi-survival and prepping genres in the context of our everyday life. He dares to boldly explore themes that are no-go zones when asking questions through his characters’ story arcs and the plots. He has a voice and followers. Furthermore, there is a global market for his narratives for content development into Film/TV and Gaming/Immersive media platforms.

The adaptations will be written in the English language, and it is a first of its kind with the inclusion of gaming rights from a literary work.

Catherine Mörk, Rights Manager at Norstedts Agency:

- As far as I know this is a completely unique agreement considering the number of titles by the same author sold at the same time. And that the rights also include gaming is previously untested and very exciting!

Lars Wilderäng about his collaboration with Arvet Agency:

- It will be very exciting to get the chance to see my books made into film, television series and games. I especially look forward to seeing the adaptations of my two most recent novels, The Drop and Marviken Accounting Department. A book like Marviken Accounting Department I’ve never seen done and by using modern film techniques it would be spectacular. 

On 19th August Lars Wilderäng’s new action thriller Drone Heart is published in Sweden, the first part in a series about political games and agent activities uncannily close to real life.




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