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Balsam Karam’s “The Singularity” Shortlisted for the August Prize

Last night the August jury revealed this year’s contenders for the prestigious literary award and we were particularly thrilled to see Balsam Karam’s critically acclaimed novel The Singularity among the Best Fiction nominees. The book was shortlisted with the following statement from the judges: “At the centre of a black hole singularity prevails: a gravitation without end. In an intense and lyrical novel Balsam Karam portrays both the infinite weight of loss and the immense brutality of the world, and from three different destinies a mutual humanity emerges. The Singularity is a literary grieving process characterised by linguistic density and stylistic elegance, with an eye for the beauty in life’s dark matter.

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 22nd of November. We wish Balsam and her novel the best of luck!

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