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Björn Borg’s Memoir to be published by Norstedts

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming memoir of tennis star Björn Borg, to be published by Norstedts in autumn 2025. All translation rights are handled by Norstedts Agency. Here is the official press release.

Björn Borg is one of the greatest athletes of all time, with a career crowned by five consecutive Wimbledon titles. In 1982, Borg decided to retire from tennis, only 26 years old. For the first time, Björn Borg will now give his own account of his career, his choices, and the experiences that shaped him as a person. From his childhood, through the unparalleled tennis career and the years leading up to today.

Together with his wife Patricia Borg, also the author of the book, Björn Borg will introduce us to his life as a tennis legend, celebrity and father.

“I am looking forward to this collaboration with Norstedts, Sweden’s oldest publishing house. We have mutual trust and respect for each other”, Björn Borg.

“Björn has entrusted me with an honorable assignment. With the help of all of the people we have met at Norstedts, I am sure that the book will be a success”, Patricia Borg.

“It is a huge and important task to finally publish Björn Borg’s story. This is a long awaited book and I can’t think of a better person to write his story than Patricia, his wife. I am very much looking forward to working with both of them.”, Gunilla Bergmark, Senior Editor Norstedts.

“Björn Borg is one of Sweden’s most iconic international sports stars of all time, with a unique success story to tell. I know I’m not the only one eager to know all the things Björn Borg has never revealed before – about his career, his life, his ups and downs – and I’m very much looking forward to selling Patricia Borg’s story around the world”, Linda Altrov Berg, Rights Director Norstedts Agency.