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Johanna Hedman’s “The Trio” in World English language deal

It has not yet been published here in Sweden, but Johanna Hedman’s forthcoming debut novel The Trio is certainly making an impression on the international publishing world. Over the past few months, the book has been sold to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Spain and Catalonia at auctions as well as pre-empts, and we can now announce that the World English rights have been acquired by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Random House UK, at auction.

The UK edition is scheduled for publication in summer 2022 and Hamish Hamilton commissioning editor Hermione Thompson issued the following statement in a press release to the Bookseller:

From Stockholm to Paris, Berlin to New York, Johanna captures a mood of irresistible yearning and nostalgia – an almost painful sense of the startling, fleeting beauty of being alive – which seduced me on every page. Her writing puts me in mind of Sally Rooney, her characters orbiting one another in a dance of hesitation and desire, grappling with the eternal risks of intimacy. But equally it reminds me of F Scott Fitzgerald, and of French New Wave cinema, those blue fevered nights and lemon-pale dawns of youth when the unspoilt city opens itself to you without hesitation… I can’t recommend the pleasures of this novel highly enough.

We are very proud to be representing this outstanding new voice in literary fiction and look forward to following Johanna Hedman’s future authorship.

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