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Lisa Ohlin to Direct Lars Wilderäng’s Military Thriller

Photo: Kajsa Göransson

Last week, it was announced that Swedish-American film director Lisa Ohlin is attached to direct Drone of Hearts – a military special ops thriller based on Lars Wilderäng’s bestselling book Drone Heart, the first in his series about special agent Hanna Hjerta.

Drone of Hearts is a thrilling espionage film set in the Swedish Baltic archipelago of Karlskrona and the island of Gotland. Grace Maharaj and Carl Finmo, from Arvet Agency, serve as the producers/writers for this big budget feature.
“We are thrilled that Lisa Ohlin is on board. Not only is she the best director with an immense body of work that has the scope for this production, but also female directors rarely get offered these genre driven projects that will command the right budgets for it. They usually go to men. This is a female driven production all the way. Thanks to Lars’ vision and storytelling of Hanna Hjerta.” says Grace Maharaj.

Lisa Ohlin has 25 years of experience in the Swedish motion picture industry, as director, screenwriter and assistant screenwriter. She has directed five dramatic feature films for theatrical release, several TV series, eight feature length crime episodes, as well as short films and commercials. She has also staged original plays, a major musical and written a book about film-making. With over 25 nominations in Sweden and internationally, her films combine dramatic stories with high quality performances.

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