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“The Phenomenal Women of the Grand Hotel” Wins Best Feelgood at the Storytel Awards

We are proud and delighted to reveal that Ruth Kvarnström-Jones’ The Phenomenal Women of the Grand Hotel – the first book in the Stockholm Treasures series – has been awarded Best Feelgood at this year’s Storytel Awards , beating off competition from Lucinda Riley amongst others. Here is a statement from the jury:  In a time marked by change, reality meets fiction and a piece of women’s history is brought back to life. The fact that several of the story’s protagonists are based on real people, and that the backdrop can be still be visited today, adds extra flavour. With an engaging sense of empathy and a sensitivity for both characters and circumstances, Katarina Ewerlöf’s narration elevates a story that is already something extraordinary. Through attentive narration and a pleasant tone of voice, she allows the characters to leap off the page regardless if they move through the exclusive parlours of the Grand Hotel, or if they pass through the staff entrance on Stallgatan.

Our warmest congratulations to Ruth and her fantastic book!